Woodstock – a hub for Cape Town street art
May 7, 2013
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I love street art, but haven’t really written much about it here, though you can find some of my street art writings on  The Getaway Magazine blog and Standard Bank Arts blog.


street art woodstock

Mika Mika aka Makatron mural



What I love about social media is that it is so easy to connect with people with similar interests. This guest post is by Klaus Warschkow, who I’ve been following closely on Instagram for a while. Klaus posts amazing pictures of Cape Town‘s street art. I’m grateful to Klaus for showing me  Cape Town through the colourful lens of street art. I really hope to explore the streets of Cape Town with him someday soon. If you’re in Cape Town, I hope this helps you explore some of the city’s colourful street art.


Street art walking in Woodstock

by Klaus Warschkow

The other day Mzansigirl tweeted me if I would perhaps like to do a guest post on her blog on Street art in Woodstock? This is my attempt at my first blog post ever.

Beside Cape Town city centre Woodstock is probably the easiest accessible spot in Cape Town to find some great street art from local and international artists. Walking Woodstock, you’re likely to spot artworks by international artists  Masai (UK), AEC Interesni Kazki (Ukraine), Pure Evil (UK), Remed (Spain), Gaia (USA), JAZ (Argentina), Know Hope (Israel), Makatron (Australia) but also murals by Cape Town based artists including Faith47 (ZA), DALeast (China), Urbanski (Germany), Freddy Sam (ZA), Nard Star (ZA) and Indi Go (Canada) to name just a few.  If  you keep looking you will find work by a number of local graff writers.

Masai, Indi Go and Kasi

Masai, Indi Go and Kasi


Woodstock had been rather quiet for most of 2012 with regards to new murals and the graffiti by-law in Cape Town has caused a number of walls to be buffed including an amazing mural by DALeast. Hardest hit by the buffing were local graff writers. But 2013 started with a bang and in just a few weeks since the beginning of the year a large number of new murals have been put up in Woodstock.

Most of the murals can be found between Albert Rd and Victory Rd in the section between Barron St and Essex St in Woodstock.

Faith 47 Living Apart / Entwined

Faith 47 – Living Apart / Entwined


Artist A.Dub is South African born and New York based. He did a few wheatpastes in New York and some stencils in Hong Kong before he did  painted his first two murals, where he chose Cape Town as the location. One of these murals can be found in the court yard of the Side Street Studios in 48 Albert Rd. in Woodstock.

A.Dub (left) and Kofie (right)

A.Dub (left) and Kofie (right)

Take some time when you visit Side Street Studios as in the court yard you can also find murals by Augustine Kofie (USA), Andrzej Urbanski (Germany now Cape Town) and DALeast (China now Cape Town). Elad, the owner of the Side Street Studios, is also putting up his private collection of paintings from street art artists on display. Some of the works are already up in the coffee shop, which isn’t open all the time.  There’s also a book store selling books about street art and some prints.

On the outside walls of the building you can find murals by Okuda (Spain) and a collaboration piece by Masai (UK) and Johannesburg based local artist Kasi (Jo’burg, ZA) – The white headed vulture.

 woodstock street art | cape town mural


street art woodstock

Current artist in residence with A Word of Art AEC Interesni Kazki has recently finished his first mural, The zebra suit’. A Word of Art can be found in The Woodstock Exchange at 66 Albert Rd, and also offers mural tours through Woodstock.  I recommend taking  some time when you visit The Woodstock Exchange. There are a number of galleries showcasing contemporary art, as well as numerous murals to see. There are a number of shops, cafés and restaurants inside The Woodstock Exchange worth browsing.



The bold colours of Remed


Two colourful murals by Spanish artist Remed, a former resident artist at A Word of Art can be found in Woodstock. One of them is inside the court yard of the Woodstock Foundry at 160 Albert Rd. This was a collaboration with Andrew Breitenberg (US now Cape Town) aka Selah. The Woodstock Foundry is an other great  place to spend some time browsing shops, galleries and trendy coffee shops.  Note that it is closed on Sundays and closes rather early during the week.

Earlier in 2013 A Word of Art had three artists in residence Know Hope (Tel Aviv, Israel), JAZ (Argentina) and Gaia (USA). Each of them painted two murals in the streets of Woodstock.  Know Hope’s mural in Jersey St is one of my all time favourites. If you look carefully you might also discover two small works by Know Hope on a wall in Cornwall St. and another by Gaia on a billboard in Albert Rd.


JAZ @ Woodstock Exchange

JAZ @ Woodstock Exchange


About Klaus Warschkow

 Klaus warschkowI was born and raised in Germany and live and work in Cape Town since the late 90s. I run my own business t/a The Mac Guy offering consulting and support to the Apple community of Cape Town. In January 2012 I started to take photos of graffiti and street art in and around Cape Town. My iPhoto library on street art now holds more than 11,200 photos all of which were taken with my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app. In that last 14 months I have seen more of Cape Town in the “hunt” for street art than in all the years before. And beside seeing amazing artwork I get to meet interesting people. Not only the artists and the people involved with the arts but also those in the neighbourhoods where the street art happens. So far it has been an amazing journey and I hope it will continue for a long time to come.



For more amazing Cape Town street art pics, follow Klaus on the following channels:

twitter @klauswarschkow

instagram @klauswarschkow 

Facebook klaus.warschkow

vimeo klauswarschkow


All photos © Klaus Warschkow



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