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What not to do when you’re on safari
May 14, 2013
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Here’s another Kruger video that’s going viral, this time for all the wrong reasons. The video shows a drunk man charging an elephant in a game reserve. Can’t believe this man was so stupid. Even more annoying are his idiot friends cheering him on in the background. He’s lucky he escape with his life. Sadly, it seems like there was a guide involved in this incident.

Latest Sightings, a wildlife blog that shares reports of animal sightings and videos taken within the reserve, posted the user-submitted video on YouTube Saturday, calling the behavior “an absolute disgrace.” I agree, this is irresponsible tourism at its worst.

As I write this the video has received 76,000 hits in two days. Check out some other South African tourism related videos that have gone viral on Youtube here. 

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