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Seakarting – a fun adventure on the Mauritius west coast
October 18, 2013

Seakarting, something I’d never even heard of until I saw it on my Mauritius itinerary turned out to be my most exciting experience on my Mauritius trip. I should have been more curious when I saw it on my itinerary, but it didn’t even occur to me to do some research on it.  I figured it must be something adventurous…

So what on earth is a Seakart? It sounds like a go kart that goes on the sea, and indeed that’s pretty much what it is. A cross between a jet ski, speed boat and bumper car, seakarting allows you to explore the beauty of Mauritius’ lagoons while basically driving a mini speed boat.

sea kart

Seakarts are a first in Mauritius, and the world. They were introduced to Mauritius as a safer alternative to the recently banned jet-skis… and are way cooler in my opinion. Here’s the low down of my afternoon exploring the Mauritius west coast via seakart.

After been kitted out in our life-jackets we were briefed by the instructor. My smile belies how nervous I was… I was about to captain my own ocean vessel for the first time!

mauritius adventure

My nervousness was somewhat quelled but the thoroughness safety briefing by the operators, who assured me that the sea-kart was completely safe and could not be flipped. We spent a good half an hour before our trip being briefed on safety, hand signals and how to actually drive the seakart.

Turns out it was even easier than a go-kart. There’s only the throttle to get you going.  No brakes, just stop accelerating if you need to stop. This means that you needed to keep a safe distance from the other seaports and the safety boat.


I was a little nervous as we started, but quickly realised how easy it was. The first part of driving the sea kart is the most difficult, as the kart lifts its nose up and you feel a bit off balance. Its a strange feeling. It got much easier as the seakart picked up speed and soon I was off!

I’m not sure what top speed I reached but apparently with their 110hp onboard motor the seakarts can reach up to 75kph.  No mean feat, considering it feels like you’re skipping over the water in a hover-type craft.  And so the fun began…


Speed, sea spray and wind through my hair, it was sooo much fun!  Just look at my face… I couldn’t stop grinning! I caught myself screaming like a child on a swing as I hit top speed.  Soon I was relaxed and I realised how beautiful it all was, skipping over emerald waters like a pro. I was tempted to turn my head and admire the scenery, but didn’t want to lose focus on steering and veer too close to the safety boat.

When we eventually stopped to admire Crystal Rock, this sweet little islet off the coast, I was relieved to stop concentrating on the driving, and took a moment to appreciate the stunning lagoon and mountains surrounding me. These pics are not edited, yes the water was this  shade of turquoise. I’m sure it would have been even more gorgeous if the sun was out.


All in all, my seakarting experience was an overwhelmingly positive one. The only downside is that the seakarts can be a bit loud, but not near as loud as a speedboat. I only did the one hour trip, but in hindsight I wish I would h ave done at least the half-day one, which included a visit to Benitiers Island.

The company that operates the seakarting activity is called Fun Adventures, and rightly so… this is one of the most fun adventures to be had in Mauritius. I was really impressed by their professionalism, facilities and attention to safety. They even have on-site lockers and hot showers available after your tour.


The famous Crystal Rock

Seakarting does not come cheap at around Rs 2500 (approx R800/ US$ 80) per person for one hour of activity (on a two passenger per Seakart basis). If you feel the need for speed and love adrenaline,  its definitely worth the moola. Its undoubtedly one of the best – and most fun – ways to explore the West Coast of Mauritius.

Check out this video which gives you a pretty good idea of how much fun it was.


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