A weekend adventure with Mercedes GLA
April 14, 2014

If you’ve been following me on social networks you would know that I have been super busy travelling and having all sorts of adventures… I was lucky enough to be invited by Mercedes South Africa to join their crew on their #GLAadventure campaign for the new Mercedes GLA.  So straight from India, with barely a day’s rest I  headed to Cape Town for an hectic weekend filled with all sorts of adventure activities that were all new to me.

Though I’m adventurous at heart and will try almost anything once, heights are seriously not my thing… so when I learnt that we were going to be going rock-climbing and abseiling I was more than a little nervous!

Rock climbing the Montague crags

The adventure started in the gorgeous town of Montague on Route 62, where we met the rest of the team and proceeded to do have an adventure weekend of epic proportions! I was joined by Glen Bvuba, one of the winner of the GLA adventure competition, and rock climbing guru Andy de Klerk.  Rockclimbing, waterskiing and cruisng in the GLA all weekend…  We felt like celebrities!

GLA adventure

We started off with a little bush whacking to get to the beautiful boulder crags we were about to climb.


The crag was gigantic!

The crag was gigantic!


There was even a little river crossing involved.

There was even a little river crossing involved.


Glen made it look so easy!

My first time climbing!


The climbing was scary but fun. I used all sorts of muscles I never knew I had, and even conquered my fear of heights a little. Ok, so I didn’t get all the way up, but at least I’m a little less scared, and amped to try it again.

Water skiing Blue Rock Lake

The next day we went had some water ski fun at Blue Rock, an old quarry turned lake in Somerset West where you can go wake-boarding, water skiing or knee boarding or just have fun swimming in the clear blue lake.


Blue Rock Lake

I opted for the easier option of knee boarding, which was no where near as easy as it looked. After a few embarrasing wipes, I finally got the hang of it.   The lake stretched ahead of me, sun glinting off tiny waves that ripple over the surface. The pulley starts accelerating, as my board skims the water the spray building! I’d got it… Faster and faster I went… Woohooooo! Until the first turn, then another wipe.   It was so much fun! Can’t wait to try it gain.

I was super  impressed with the Blue Rock Resort, particularly at how safe and professional it all was. We got helmets, life-jackets and wet-suits, though the water was warm enough not to need a suit.  There were tons of kids around, and they made it all look so easy. The best part though was watching the pros take on the ramps, doing tricks and aerials. For me it was more about staying on the board!

GLA adventurers ready to take on Blue Rock

GLA adventurers ready to take on Blue Rock


Luckily in between all the adventure stuff I got to drive the uber-cool GLA.  I’m not really a car person, but sjoe, the GLA sure is one sexy thing. The version I got had 2 sunroofs and cameras on the rear to assist with parking!  For someone who hates parking, this was boss!


I named her Scarlett


I got to drive it along the N2 from Cape Town around the bends of Sir Lowrys pass.  The way the GLA onto those curves even while I tried to push it impressive. I’ve never been one for automatic cars, as I’ve always had manual cars, but the auto transmission on the GLA changed like a dream. I’m officially an auto convert.  And yes, I had to jump…

Merceded  GLA

A jump at the top of Sir Lowrys


Thanks Mercedes and the Spitfire film team for helping me push my boundaries, and calming my nerves. Here’s the video we filmed . It was my first time in front of a camera crew… so excuse me if I look a little dazed at times.

The evidence


Note: I was invited to participate in the #GLAadventure weekend by Spitfire Films and Mercedes Benz South Africa. Regardless all views expressed above are my own.  Thanks to Nadine Theron and Merceded SA for the pics.



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  • Johlet says:

    Super hot car! Agreed!

  • deena says:

    super weekend – getting increasingly envious!
    ps: u cheating with da jump – standing on a rope !!

  • Roxanne Reid says:

    Red is a hot colour for a hot car. Glad you used it to take you to fab places in the Western Cape. Not sure I’d have been brave enough to join you on that rock climb – but maybe the pics make it look worse than it was?

    • mzansigirl says:

      Hi Roxanne. Actually, I wasn’t that brave. I did the little trainer climb, not the really high one. It was all scary to me as I’m not good with heights!

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