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Sharing the Kwazulu-Natal love #GottaLuvKZN
September 3, 2015
You know I love KZN. Durban is the city where I was born and I grew up, and I spent most family holidays exploring Kwazulu-Natal – from beach holidays in the North and South Coasts to family trips to Drakensberg, where we’d do short hikes and horse-rides and there was even golf for dad. I’ve […]
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My Top 5 day trips from Durban
July 30, 2015
I often get asked for holiday tips these days. Even though Durban is my home-town, it’s also South Africa’s favourite holiday destination and doesn’t get as much love as it deserves. I’ve spent many a family holiday in KZN. Lucky for me my parents were really into travel, and even though they may not have […]
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Happy in South Africa
April 23, 2014
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Not since Gangnam Style has there been such a craze for making fan vid’s from a pop song, and it’s easy to see why – Pharrell William’s ‘Happy’ song doesn’t only sound good it makes you feel good too. So good you want to clap your hands and sing from the rooftops. Yes, Happy really […]
My top 12 things to do in Durban
May 10, 2013
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I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve neglected blogging about my home town, mainly because I love Durban so much I’m afraid I won’t do her justice. Durban is not appreciated as much as she should be. Poor Durban, always overshadowed by glamourous big sister Cape Town and rich big brother Joburg. Since I’m down in Durbs […]
Busy loving life
September 6, 2012
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Blogging is hard work for someone as social as me. Really there aren’t enough hours in the day (or enough caffeine) for me to keep up with my life. There’s just so many fun things going on in Joburg these next few weeks, I can’t seem to find the time to do all I want […]