#MissionSamsung Mission 2
June 10, 2014

On Mission 2 of #MissionSamsung, we have to capture 3 images involving using  key features on the Samsung NX300 smart camera.  

2.1 Something Blue

Today’s mission was to use the “Partial Colour” feature on the Samsung NX300  and find something blue to photograph. We had to make sure that the blue item is featured and the rest of the shot is black and white! I’ve seen this feature used before, but never attempted to use it myself.

I arrived in Dar es Salaam Tanzania this morning. After our Fastjet flight from Johannesburg, we got into this little 12-seater Cessna caravan to fly to the Selous Game Reserve in Southern Tanzania. It’s a lovely day, it must be at least 30 degrees. I love the look of the partial colur effect, it makes the sky look even bluer. Internet connection is a little slow in the bush, made this a mission to upload, but relieved that I finally got it done.


Blue skies in Selous – Tanzania, taken with a Samsung NX300 Smart camera using the Partial Colour feature

2.2 Colour Vignette

In this challenge we had to use the “Colour Vignette” feature on the Samsung NX300  and find  an animal to photograph. Seeing as I am in Tanzania, the only animals I’ve been seeing are game… and a fair bit too! I Here’s a shot of some lazy lions we spotted yesterday on our game drive through Selous Game Reserve. I’m pretty stoked with my shot – the zoom on the lens was great!

lion spottingLazy lions, taken with a Samsung NX300 Smart camera using the vignette feature

2.3 Miniature filter

In the penultimate challenge, we had to use  the “Miniature filter” setting on the NX300 to take a photo of a building structure. The pic below was taken at the lovely Serena Mivumo River Lodge overlooking the Rufiji River in Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania where I stayed this last week. I took heaps of cool pics, which I will share here soon. It’s just so much fun playing with the NX300. Really impressed by how many cool features it has.



Serena Mivumo River Lodge, taken with a Samsung NX300 Smart camera using the Miniature feature


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