10 reasons why the Samsung NX300 rocks
June 21, 2014

Being a travel blogger, I’m not used to writing tech reviews, so bear with me here.  If you’ve beein following my #MissionSamsung posts you know I was loaned a Samsung NX300 smart camera these past few weeks to partiicpate in a blogger challenge to win the camera. After 3 weeks of learning it’s features, I can honestly say I’ve fallen in love with this camera and returning it is going to be heartbreaking.


What’s to love…

1. It sexy

Firstly the NX300 just looks good. It’s throwback retro modern style is right up my alley. I love that you can change the lenses – it feels like you’re more than an amateur. I really liked the brushed aluminium finish and leather feel – it really added to the vintage-mod feel of the camera which comes in 3 colours – classic black, mod white and retro chocolate brown. The model I was given was the black one, but if I had to chose I would probably go with the brown.

2. Easy to use

The camera is really easy to use, which is a big win in my books. I hate learning to use new devices, but  figuring out the  NX300 was a breeze.  There aren’t too many buttons, the menus are neatly laid out  and  easilt scrolled with buttons or the the touch screen LCD display. It’s just so user friendly – perfect fo Luddites like me.

The NX300 offers a simple user experience  seemingly designed with the amateur user in mind. I think this stems from Samsung being a lifestyle / consumer electronics company and not a specialist camera company – so ease of use has been made is priority.

3. Lightweight

Travelling as much as I do, and with as many gadgets, I was really impressed by how small and light the Nx300 is. Even with the 18-55mm lens, the camera was light and portable.  Even if you travel with an extra lens or two, it won’t be nearly as cumbersome as a DSLR.

4. Wifi baby

The Wifi capability of the camera is a bloggers delight. With the Autoshare the NX300 automatically loads images to a paired device such as your phone or tablet. With the  Samsung Smart Camera app you can email or upload your pics to social networks or the cloud  super easily.

5.   High quality images 

With a hot 20.3MP APS-C sensor, the NX300 takes sharp high quality images. Measuring 23.5mm x 15.7mm the sensor allows you to take professional quality photos, including in low light.  If you’re a camera geek, check out a more techinical review here.

Whether you’d like to shoot on manual or prefer  to just point and click and take decent pictures, the camera delivers. With standard P, A, S,M modes –  Programme. Shutter Priority, Aperture Quality, Shutter Prioroty and Manual as well as preset Smart modes there are a variety of options. It was fun playing around with the different modes and definitely a learning experience for me. The Smart modes allows you to choose the typr of scene you want to shoot and automatically changes the modes to get the best shot.

6. Action shots

Perfect for actions shots, the NX300 lets you shoot continuously at an super-fast rate of 8.6 frames per second to ensure you get the shot you want. The  1/6000s Super Speed Shutter speed and  it’s advanced autofocus system let’s you get clear shots of fast-moving subjects. Uber cool!

7. Editing features and filters 

The camera comes with a range of simple editing features. No need to use Photoshop as the  Picture Wizard gives you a range of preset colour modes. It was so simple  to alter colour hue, saturation, sharpness and contrast using the LCD touchscreen. The cameras smart filters are another way of applying effects such as vignettes and partial colour filters – it’s even easier to use than Instagram.

8. Video star

I’ve been thinking about dabbling in Youtube for a while, but still haven’t had the guts to do so as I’m not confident of my video skills. With the Nx300 recording full HD video at 60 frames per second it’s great for video. All I’d need is a tripod and some editing skills and Youtube here we come!

9. Swivel monitor

I really liked the swivel feature of the LCD monitor.  The screen adjust 90 degrees downwards and 45 degrees upwards, which is great for shooting video and street photography too.

10. Value for money

The camera seems to be retailing for about R8000 in South Africa, depending on the combination of lenses you get with the package. I found a good deal for the Nx300 with 18-55mm lens Orms Direct for R7495 including camera bag and memory card. Considering the features of the camera, I think this is great value for money.



The Samsung NX 300 – Compact and packed with features

What’s not to love…

Honestly it was hard to find fault with this camera, but the one thing I wish it did have was an optical viewfinder in addition to the digital one. Besides the old-school cool about looking into an optical viewfinder that would complement the retro aestheics of the camera, optical viewfinders are great in bright sunlight and save on battery life.

Another small gripe, is that the battery life isn’t great, especially if you use the cameras wifi function. I guess a spare battery or a battery pack is a simple fix. However, all the awesome features of this little camera outwiegh it’s few drawbacks.


The verdict…

All in all, the NX300 rocks big time. This little camera really packs a punch. It’s perfect for anyone wanting a high quality compact camera, is easy to use and easy on the eye. I was most impressed with it’s portability, light weight and functionality. It’s perfect for the amateur photgrapher wanting to learn more about photography or the professionl looking for a lightweight camera while not compromising on features and quality. Now if only I could keep it…


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  • Sharon says:

    Wow, didn’t even know Samsung made cameras. The features look great, and I love the retro look. Will loook out for it.

  • I didn’t even know Samsung made camers, looks like a really nice vintage camera.

  • […] the challenge. MzansiGirl used what she was doing at the time and integrated it into the challenge.http://www.mzansigirl.com/samsung-nx300-review/Candice Bresler from A Gorgeous Blog also submitted great pictures and was very active on social […]

  • jay fernandez says:

    I have the newer version the 300M in brown..got the 18-55mm that came with the camera and just bought the 30mm pancake lens..this camera really rocks!!

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