Dreaming of Rwanda
April 5, 2013
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TRAVEL WARNING: Watching this video can induce wanderlust.



I  love sharing beautifully shot travel videos that inspire my wanderlust. This Rwanda video, by definitely checks those boxes. I came across it last year, and meant to share it but it slipped my mind until now. In summer of 2012, Mammoth spent two weeks in Rwanda filming for the  Rwanda Tourism department. After delivering the finished video, they decided to create another edit to include  the bonus footage and outtakes.

Sadly the above video is NOT the edit currently playing in Rwanda’s airports and welcome centers.  I love the way it captures the unmasked beauty of the country infamous  for its horrific genocide. It goes a long way to dispelling the negative imagery of Rwanda.

Check out the official video from Rwanda tourism, which for some silly reason they won’t allow me to embed. (Why bother spending so much money on a tourism promotion video if you don’t make it easy to share?)  Personally, I find the official video too much like a promo video. The  Mammoth version allows the viewers to experience Rwanda in a more real way. Interestingly, the official video has 915 views and the unofficial one 138,000. Go figure.

Clearly there’s a lot more to Rwanda – delicious coffee, romantic tea plantations,  friendly people and the stunning beaches of Lake Kivu.  Not to mention the  lush forests and plains teeming with wildlife…and gorillas – you can’t ignore these amazing animals.

Rwanda is definitely on my bucketlist. I can’t wait to explore the country’s beauty for myself.

Which of the  Rwanda tourism videos inspires your wanderlust?


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  • Great video! Beautiful country and beautiful people! From the looks of the video, parts of Rwanda look like the Caribbean. This definitely makes me curious to go!

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