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March 23, 2013
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I need your help. In my first ever attempt at a blogging competition, I’ve entered The Big Blog Exchange, run by Hostelling International. Hostelling International is looking for 16 passionate, talented and adventurous bloggers who will have the chance to travel and exchange blogs, lives, places and cultures simultaneously for ten days.

Changing the world using the power of blogs

Since as far back as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by travel and culture.  As an avid couchsurfer, I’m all about inter-cultural exchange.  Though the  mission of   The Big Blog Exchange,  ‘changing the world using the power of blogs’ might sound a bit ambitious, I  truly believe that travel and cultural exchange have the power to change the world.

I’m pretty excited about this. Watch the video below to see just how awesome the Big Blog Exchange concept is.

My blog is currently ranked in the Top 10 in Africa in Big Blog Exchange competition, which means I’m already in with a chance to make the first cut of 100 bloggers (which includes 25 of the top bloggers from the four regions of the world). A jury will review each of the final 100 blogs on its content and inspiration for taking part in the exchange, before whittling them down to just 14 finalists.  Two finalists will be drawn randomly to make up the total 16, thereby giving smaller bloggers a chance to participate.

Sharing the Mzansi love

If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll know that I”m happiest when I’m sharing my love of my country, its cultures, its music and its heritage. This is a great opportunity for me to truly immerse myself in another culture while sharing my passion for South African and African travel.

Voting for my blog will not only give me a chance to experience another culture, but also bring a blogger from across the globe to experience South Africa.  Click here to vote and give me a shot at this awesome opportunityFeel free to share and get your friends to vote too!

If you’re a blogger reading this, its not too late to enter the competition! Lets try and get as many African bloggers in as possible.





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  • Andy says:

    Many congrats on being a finalist! You must be excited!

    I already learned some things just by reading over your site, now when someone tells me “It is in Mszansi” I’ll say o cool I know where that is. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! Wish you the best!

    Cheers from Louisiana (USA)

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