Mr Mandela – Trenton and Free Radical 

I just  love this tune!  In honour of Mandela Day it’s only fitting that I share with you the funky track  ‘Mr Mandela’ by Cape Town band Trenton and Free Radical.


If you like this track, please consider buying  it, even though you can download it for free here.  A percentage of sales of the track go to the Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund. How awesome is that? Here are the lyrics, just in case you feel like singing along… and if you’re anything like me you probably will ;)

Mr Mandela

Mr Mandela 
Your one hell of a fella 
I wana be like you 
I wana be like you 
Mr Madiba 
The world Really Needs ya 
I wana be like you 
I wana be like you 

Mr Mandela your one hell of a fella and I wana be like you 
You fought the war of peace and still smiled after all that you been through 
White persecution of the poor the black the brown man me and you 
You rise above retaliation 
Cos that’s what you do 
And Robin Island had no palm trees or bikinis on the sand 
Your freedom stolen by the totsis manipulating on mainland 
But when you whispered words the world could hear you breathin too 
Then you embraced our enemy 
Cos that’s what you do 

You caused a revolution, revolution , revolution 
But new that violence was destructive and not a solution 
You positivity it crushed the racist institution 
And gave us dignity despite the years of persecution 
And we all went to vote like bumble bees on honey trees 
From Santon to Soweto we were proud and we were pleased 
And when you raised your fists and used the word let freedom rain 
The world became a better place 
Because of your name



Hope you enjoyed the first of my (hopefully) many  music posts!