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#MyMauritius adventure
September 20, 2013

Today is my last day of  work, and as soon as I’m done the real adventure begins. I start off with a weekend trip to Cape Town, after which I’ll be trading in the cool Cape spring for the tropical island paradise of Mauritius! Sun, sand, spa and surf, here I come 🙂

mauritius holiday

iAmbassador takes on Mauritius

I’ve been fortunate to be invited to participate on a sponsored blog trip as one of 13 bloggers (plus a videographer) going to Mauritius as part of the #MyMauritius  iAmbassador campaign.  This is my first international blog trip and I am so stoked to be travelling with the likes of my blogger mentors Keith Jenkins (@VelvetEscape) , Melvin Boecher (@TravelDudes), Nellie Huang (@WildJunket).

I’m also looking forward to meeting family blogger Emiel van der Boomen and the rest of the #MyMauritius crew! All the bloggers itineraries have been customised according to our travel preferences, though we will be meeting up in the evenings for dinner and some common activities.

My Mauritius adventure

Interestingly, Mauritius was the destination of my first overseas trip when I was 8 years old and I joined my grandparents on an inter-generational family holiday. I wish I had some pics to share, but I’d need to go through my gran’s photo albums to find them. I remember being amazed by the clear green-blue waters, the white sandy beaches and scandalised by the topless bathers at the resorts.

Though I’ve been to Mauritius twice before, my other trips were more focused on family travel and couples travel. This time I will  focus on the wilder side of the island and channel my inner adventurer. I will be getting my beach on and hitting up the water activities including sea-kayaking, snorkelling and sea-karting, but will also save some time for a few spa treatments 🙂

mauritius sailing


I may even  try my hand at kite-surfing and stand-up paddle (SUP) boarding. I’m also really looking forward to our day trip out on a catamaran cruise with a gastronomic lunch at the famed Governor’s House restaurant on I’ile Plate (Flat Island).

Mauritius culture

I must admit, though that I am a bit jealous of my friend Ishay at Food & the Fab who’s itinerary focuses on the island’s food and rich cultural heritage. On my last trip to Mauritius, I  managed to visit some temples, and self drive through a lot of the island passing through the little villages that don’t often make it onto the tourist map.

Mauritius holiday


The diversity of experiences available to travellers to Mauritius can be surprising, given that the country is often punted as a package honeymoon / couples destination. There really is a lot to discover, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. Here’s a cool video highlighting some of the diverse adventure activities available in Mauritius.


Jealous much? Do follow  #MyMauritius on Twitter and Instagram and check out the Storify feed for a live curation of our Mauritius adventure.  

Let the adventures begin!




Note: The #MyMauritius blog trip is created and managed by iAmbassador and AHRIM in association with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority and Air Mauritius. MzansiGirl maintains full editorial control of the content published on this site.



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  • Kate says:

    Have the most stunning time! This bloggin’ thang is kicking off with a bang for you!

  • BIG jealous much!

  • Wisaal says:

    Have the best time, looking forward to reading all about it!

  • Shupiwe says:

    Why not try Scuba?

    • mzansigirl says:

      Hey Shups, I must admit I’m not as brave as you. Something about the deep dark waters scares me… I’d rather stick to snorkelling 🙂

  • Jeannaz says:

    Wow I’m jealous I want to go there too. Stuck in Cape town for at least to more months.

  • Sarah says:

    WOW! I’ve been dreaming about Mauritius for years! Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to some posts!!

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