Mandela’s heartbeats
July 2, 2013
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I  know I’ve been scarce lately, for good reason though. I’ve been travelling in Europe for the past two and a half weeks visiting  friends in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Scandanavia. Its been pretty hectic especially  with limited internet connectivity and knowing that Madiba’s health was not good. As soon as I got wifi anywhere I was checking for any updates on his condition. Wherever I travelled, Madiba was always in my heart.

Mandela truly is a global icon, and his image is never far away no matter what part of the world you’re in. The pic above was taken last week in Berlin at my friend Hermine’s apartment. She had these homemade Mandela fridge magnets proudly displayed on her fridge.  It made me homesick and I prayed selfishly that Madiba would hold on until I was back home. Everywhere I went people asked me about his health.

So now I’m home and Madiba lays in hospital less than a kilometer away from my workplace. Some media reports say that he’s on life support but this has yet to be confirmed by official sources. I drove past the hoards of press trucks yesterday but was too emotional to get out of the car. I will try again today to pay my respects.


Mandela heartbeats infographic

 Mandela’s heartbeats

I came across  the ‘Mandelas Heartbeats’  infographic by Ivan Colic of Afrographique today. That’s a lot of heart beats. I wish they would take Madiba home to Qunu so he could have his last heartbeats in a place he loved instead of in a hospital stalked by media.  Its time for him to leave us soon however sad that may make us.

I know this is a bit of a melancholic post, so if you’re feeling a little sad, check out this lovely post on Vine videos with the hashtag #HugsForMandela,  made by people around the world. Maybe it inspires you to make your own #HugsforMandela Vine or Instagram.  If you do, put up the link in the comments below.




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