So starts my #MeetSouthAfrica adventure
May 3, 2014


Aweh! Today I join 14 other travel bloggers on South African Tourism’s #MeetSouthAfrica bloggers campaign. I’m beyond excited! I was invited to join the campaign last year but couldn’t join due to work committments. Now that I’m freelancing I’m a free agent and can roam the country as as I wish, and participate in all these exciting campaigns.

The 2014 #MeetSouthAfrica bloggers’ trip will see us cross South Africa on three different routes over the next week, taking in all of Mzansi’s best sites, dining in some of our finest restaurants, and staying in some epic places. There are 3 different programmes focusing on themes of Heritage, Adventure and Luxury. Being the keen jumper that I am, I opted for the Adventure itinerary 🙂

It’s going to be an adventure!

The trip actually started yesterday, but as I was in Cape Town for other work, I’m only joining the rest of the crew today. The entire group will start in Johannesburg, then split up on our various itineries, and then meting up with the other groups in Durban for the Tourism INDABA.


Phiri, Soweto

On my adventure itinerary, we start off in Johannesburg where we’ll be visiting Soweto and doing an Instawalk there today – which I’m sadly missing out on 🙁  Then we’re heading to the Magaliesberg where we will go hot air ballooning. I had my first balloning experience in the Magaliesberg a few months ago, where I was a guest of Gauteng Tourism. It was amazing, and I am so stoked to be doing it again. After the Magalies, we head back to Jozi where we will explore Maboneng for the day.


Hot air ballooning!!

Next is the part of the trip I am most excited about, we’re going white water river-rafting on the Orange river and hiking in the Richtersveld!  The Northern Cape is the province of  South Africa  that I have the least experience in and Orange river rafting has been on my bucketlist for a while. It’s only a day’s rafting, not the 5 day camping-under-the-stars adventure I’ve dreamed about, but I’m grateful to be getting a taste of this amazing region.

On 8 May, we are in Cape Town for a day, where we will do an instawalk in the Bo-Kaap hosted by local instagrammers @FernandoBadiali and @ThobanJ. I’m really looking forward to meeting and learning from these legendary guys, whose photography I’ve been following. In the evening we’ll have a dinner experience at One Ingredient with Chef Matt Manning who I’ve heard is doing amazing things with food. Lucky for us we’re staying at The Backpack – one of my favourite hostels in Cape Town.

Bo Kaap Jump!

Bo Kaap Jump!


From the Mother City, we fly to my hometown of Durban for the last days of the trip and Tourism Indaba. Here we will also be doing an Instawalk on 9 May around the Durban CBD and beachfront areas with local Durban instagrammers @andycarrie_on and @dane_forman.  There will Blogger’s conference and cocktail event at Indaba, which will sumamrise key elements of the #MeetSouthAfrica campaign.

Join us for an Instawalk!

Do join us if you’re in Cape Town (8 May) or Durban (9 May) for the Instawalks. Even if you haven’t done one before, they’re a great way to see your city in a fresh way, meet new people and learn from the pros.  More details here. Even if you can’t join the instawalks, you can still participate in the campaign and tag your South African travel instagrams with #MeetSouthAfrica. There are some awesome prizes to be won  including a Canon EOS 700D!  I could really use this prize 🙂

The #MeetSouthAfrica bloggers

Here are the rest of the #MeetSouthAfrica iambassador bloggers who I will be travelling with.  Some of the international bloggers have visited South Africa before, while others are complete newbies.  I am really excited that there are 5 local bloggers inlvoved this year, as I think adds great local insight for the international bloggers on the trip. 

Kash Bhattacharya –
Caspar Diederik –
Rob Lloyd –
JD Andrews –
Matt Karsten –
Mauricio Oliveira –
Umei Teh –
Adriana Lacerda –
Heather Mason –
Melvin Boecher – 
Ishay Govender-Ypma –
Dawn Jorgensen –
Katarina Mancama –

Do join us virtually  on our adventure (or IRL on an Instawalk). Remember that some of the other bloggers are on a different itinerary to me and will be having a different South African experience.  Follow our #meetSouthAfrica journey live and participate with us. Let’s have an adventure together 🙂


The #MeetSouthAfrica campaign is brought to you South Africa Tourism and is supported by iambassador. Mzansigirl maintains full editorial control of the content published on this site.

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