Joburg city in 48 seconds
May 23, 2013

I recently discovered a new app recently, called Vine. Its basically like Twitter for video. You use it to create short 6 second videos which are then played in a loop. There’s no editing required and its easy to share on your social media profiles.  I had heaps of fun playing around with it this weekend, as I explored Joburg with the Joburg City Tourism Association’s ‘Weekend in the City a media trip highlighting preparations for the upcoming Joburg City Festival

Here’s my story of my weekend in inner city Joburg in 48 seconds of Vine video footage. (Note that the default audio is set to mute, so you’ll have to click on the little audio sign on video to turn on the sound).

 1. Street side orchestra at the Rand Club

Our Joburg inner city weekend started off with typical Jozi bling… bubbly and sundowner cocktails at the magnificent Corner House apartment rooftop, which served as the set of the Apprentice South Africa TV show. We traded in the bling for some colonial grandeur, as we walked to Joburg’s most famous club. The Rand Club, previously a gentleman’s only club, is the height of old school posh and is where Joburgs famous Randlords used to meet.  As we walked towards the Club, we were treated to the magical melodies of the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra.  A street side orchestra, in the middle of the infamous Joburg city?  Too cool for words.  I felt like royalty.


Somehow the orchestra also managed to beat us to our next destination, and magically appeared, serenading us once again upon on our arrival at our dinner spot at the Reef Hotel. Who knew orchestra’s could manifest on Joburg city streets so fast? It was certainly an evening to remember, and set the tone for a wonderful inner city weekend.

2. The Fashion Kapitol’s Student Fashion show

I’d heard good things about Joburg’s fashion district, but hadn’t had a chance to experience it until this weekend.  We were treated to a student fashion show, where the students briefing was to use local shwe-shwe fabric.  So much young talent! I was disappointed that we had to rush to the next venue and didn’t have time to shop, I’m definitely going back next weekend to support the local fashion economy. I envisage danger… for my wallet! Too much Mzansi awesomeness on offer at bargain prices.



3. Little Old Men

One of the coolest things about the Fashion Kapitol were all the interesting and funky people around. These are real Joburg locals, their style, flavour and culture evident in their street style. It’s a great place to people watch and get immersed in the youthful and creative vibe of the city. I had fun taking photos as everyone is keen to pose for the camera.  How cute are  these little old men?




4. Joburg city sunset

Joburg has some great rooftop spots to enjoy the sunset. One of the best has to be the Parktonian hotel, which is unfortuantely not open to the public, but can be hired for events. The 360 degree panoramic views of the sunset were pretty awesome.



6. Mexican party at the Parktonian

This was probably the most random part of the weekend, but it was fun and the margerita’s were good. The Parktonian Protea Hotel is a great spot for sundowners or a a cocktail party. Our hosts plyed us with Pina Coladas, tequilas and all sorts of yummy Mexican food. There was also some dancing…



6. Macarena on the roof

We started off  being serenaded with some Mexican tumes by the faux Mexican dude, but eventually the Macarena and Thriller were the winners 🙂   Did I mention that the margherita’s were good?



7. Rooftop dance practice

After the amateur rooftop dance session, the evening before, we were treated to the dancing pro’s in action. On Sunday we headed to Maboneng, where we were lucky to stumble upon some of the  funky Vintage Crew dancers having a practice session on the rooftop of the  12 Decades Art Hotel. I could have watch these guys dance all day!



7. Side Walk Sessions

Saving the best for last, my last Vine of the weekend was of muso Kelly Grevler giving  free street side guitar lessons to girls from the Maboneng community.  I highly recommend you out the audio on for this video – its beautiful 🙂 Just the sweetest thing I’ve seen and heard in a while.



I hope this post gives you a idea of all the awesome in store for for the Joburg City Festival, which I’m super excited about. The festival place from 25 – 31 August 2013 at various venues around inner city Joburg. Download the full programme here.

Have you used the Vine app before? Apparently its great for animation videos. There was even a competition at the recent Tribeca film fest for the best 6 second video. Check them out here.  They’re pretty cool.  If you’re using Vine, you can follow me at MzansiGirl, I’m sure I’ll be vining a lot more  🙂

Even though this video story is more about local travel, I’ve decided to enter this post in TravelStart’s Blogger Experience contest > http://www.travelstart.co.za/blog/blogger-experience-contest < Wish me luck!


Did I mention that I love inner city Joburg? What are your favourite Joburg city experiences?


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  • Jaclyn says:

    Looks like such a fun weekend! And the app looks rad.

  • Di Brown says:

    Nice app, and I love your post with it. The street guitar lessons and the little old men were lovely. You really captured the essence of SA magic and the diversity of this wonderful country. Fantastic post. Good luck for the competition and hope to see more of your fun with Vine

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