How to give back by shopping online with MySchool and Loot
July 25, 2016

Got a MySchool card? Here’s how you can help a school or charity the next time you shop online.

My School partners with Loot

The good news is that MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet has announced a new partnership with, one of SA’s top online retailers. I’ve been a MySchool card carrier for years and I love that you can give back every time you spend with one of their partners.

My School Card Loot partnership

The MySchool and Loot partnership gives South Africans more opportunities to raise funds for their favourite school or charity, as well as to enrich the MySchool offering by giving My School supporters access to’s extensive shop with over 14 million products.

As part of the launch of this partnership 2 300 Loot is also donating 2300 Tutudesk lap desks to under-resourced schools.

My School Loot

Learners in under resourced schools with their Tutu desks

The easiest way to give back

I’ve had a MySchool card for a while, and it makes me happy to get their monthly emails. In April they raised over R7 million rand for local charities and schools, with a total of over R70 million since the launch of the programme.

My School Loot

The process is super easy. Shop online at Loot, enter your MySchool card number and will give back a percentage on every item purchased towards the MySchool program. Basically you’re raising funds and giving back without it costing you a cent.  This donation comes from the retailer at no extra expense to the consumer.

Loot have literally millions of products – from books and electronics to appliances and outdoor gear. Standard delivery is free for orders over R250.


Being a blogger, I’m always in need of electronics. I logged into Loot and in just a few clicks ordered a very cool ultra slim Romoss power bank and some always needed screen protectors. A week later and my package was delivered my door.  Easy peasy.

My School Loot

If you’re like me and detest shopping malls, online shopping is the way to go, especially for electronics where it’s easy to compare prices online.  Who’s got time to wander around a mall anyway? And the best bit, knowing that a percentage of my shopping is going to support a charity that is close to my heart.

My Charity – The Bulungula Incubator 

The charity that I support with my MySchool card is the Bulungula Incubator, located at Bulungula Lodge – one of my favourite places in South Africa.

Established in 2004 on the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape, one of the most underdeveloped areas in SA, the Lodge is community owned and Fair Trade accredited and use renewable energy, composting toilets and harvests sustainable rain and ground water sources. In 2007 they started their NPO,  the Bulungula Incubator, a non-profit organisation that focuses on addressing the challenges of rural poverty in their community.

Bulungula collage

Photo: Jessy Lipperts

The Incubator runs various community programmes focusing on education, health and nutrition, sustainable livelihoods and provision of basic services. They have successfully started an early childhood development (ECD) program, a centre-based ECD for children, a primary school after school care programme and a scholarship fund for local learners.

Bulungula 2

Bulungula Early Childhood Development project. Photo: Jessy Lipperts


In terms of sustainable livelihoods, the lodge has been a model for ecologically sustainable community based tourism. They have also established a Rural Skills Centre and helped set up micro-businesses in the community. I’m proud to know the folks who started Bulungula, and am so proud of what they’ve achieved as a grassroots community organisation.

Check out the amazing work they are doing in their video. I definitely recommend visiting them when you’re in the Eastern Cape.


It’s really cool that a huge online retailer that is Loot has decided to support the My School Programme. If you don’t have a MySchool card, sign up here. 


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by MySchool and Loot.  As you know all opinions expressed here are my own and I have full editorial control of all content published on this site. MG


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