How not to be a dangerous drunk
November 26, 2013

We all know how mortifying a bad hangover can be, especially if you party like me.  What we seldom stop to think about is how much more mortifying the effects can be for those who choose to drink and drive.

Dial Direct is launching an awesome campaign that reminds us how dangerous our drunk selves can truly be. They’re offering clients two cab rides per month for only R20 with their Designated Driver Assist option.

I really could have used this offer during my less than memorable night earlier this year. It was a party weekend of note, we’d had a huge Friday night at Kitcheners and I woke up with a mega hangover on Saturday, but there was still a party to be had. It was time for the Rise and Shine Festival where after hours of drinking happy coconuts in the sun, I realised it was time to go home and that I was driving.  Stupid tipsy me decided I was ok to drive to the next party venue  – a braai at a friends house nearby.

After the braai we headed to a club for some more dancing. Before I knew it was 3am and I was definitely in no state to drive.  Lucky for me my best friend called her designated driver service to take us home.  It ended well, but only because my friend was smarter than me. Not that I should have been driving in the first place.

Drinking is fun, but…

We never seem to plan in advance and think about the consequences. It all starts out innocently, a few beers… then some smart ass brings out the shots…


 Then the dancing starts. Again it starts innocently, until I end up on the dancing on the table barefoot or showing off my crazy dance moves and spraining an ankle…

MzansiGirl parties

Then the crazy hugging of all your friends who you love so much!


Next you start taking silly photos that make it onto Facebook within minutes…


And more hugging and laughing, and things start getting a little fuzzy…


But you’re laughing so hard you don’t notice as things get even fuzzier….


And then the part that’s better not remembered… the part where you end up kissing a pig 🙂



Then its time to go home and too many of us get into our cars and drive!  Seems I am not the only one with stories. Check out these hilarious drunk texts > www.BuzzedFeed.co.za.

Care Free Drinking for R20 a Month

These days there’s no excuse. Being responsible has never been so affordable.  R20 is the only thing standing in the way of you and your drunken mistakes.  So the next time you think about spending your last twenty Randelas on a bunny chow or a coke (because R20 is not even going to buy you a decent beer, let’s be honest), just remember that the best decision you can make on a drunken night is one made in advance. One that will save your life, and those around you.

Be a responsible driver, check out Dial Direct‘s Designated Driver options for more.


This post is sponsored by Dial Direct. All opinions and crazy drunk stories are mine. 

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  • Way to go preachin responsibility. Drinking and driving is always a no. So many skooter accidents here in Goa by drunk tourists

    • mzansigirl says:

      Thanks Rachel. Its a huge problem here in South Africa, but more of a local problem as cabs are expensive and public transport limited.

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