Its holiday time!
December 14, 2012
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In my last post, I put out a teaser to see if anyone could guess my holiday destination. There were some good guesses, but no-one got it right!  So here’s the low down on my holiday plans.

I’ve been much too busy these past few months to plan a holiday,  so I left it up to my hubby, G. Not sure if this was a good idea as G  is more into relaxing beach holidays and I’m more of an active-cultural-explorer-party traveller.  The original plan was to meet some friends in South-East Asia but we left the flight bookings too late and it was just too expensive for it to be worth our while.

As much as I’d like to be with the family for Christmas, G and I also needed a break from the crazy. Its been over two years since we’ve been on holiday together, just the two of us. We’ve both been hectically busy and are in dire need for some chill time.  After the craziness of work these past months, a chilled beach holiday sounds pretty damn awesome.

We both never been to East Africa before so we opted to spend our Christmas holidays on the south coast of Kenya.  This is where we’re headed….

Mombasa beach


This is Diani Beach, a major beach resort on the Kenyan coast, 30 km south of Mombasa, in the Coast Province. 25 km of white sandy beaches, coral reefs, wildlife, history, nightlife and Swahili culture – enough variety to satisfy us both!  As much as I need beach time, I know after a few days, I’ll be craving some culture 😉

Since I left the booking to G, he opted for the ease of a package holiday. I’ve never been one for package holidays. I’m a backpacker at heart, preferring to set my own itinerary and leave room for spontaneity. Given that we are travelling over the silly season and that we don’t have too much time, I gave in and let him book a package (…sshhh, don’t tell my backpacker friends!)

I’m really looking forward to exploring Fort Jesus, Mombasa Old Town, drinking tuskers or perhaps a dhow safari or camel ride. I’m used to the cows on the beach in the Transkei, but beach camels are new to me!  I realise that there has been some travel warnings for Kenya (especially the north) of late, but I figure it just adds a bit more adventure to the mix 🙂

I really haven’t had much time to do any proper research on the destination, though I did ask my Twitter friends for some tips…  Thanks @AntonCrone@MarediM and @cands7 for the suggestions.  If  any of you out there have been to Mombasa and have any tips, please do share!

diani beach kenya

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