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Gandhi in Johannesburg – Satyagraha House
January 29, 2015
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“Gandhi Johannesburg 1900” via Wikimedia Commons

Gandhi’s time in South Africa was important in his path to becoming a leading political figure of the 20th century. 2014 marked a hundred years since Gandhi left SA for good after spending his formative years here. It was in South Africa that Gandhi developed his philosophy of satyagraha (meaning ‘truth-force’) a form of active yet peaceful resistance to political injustices.

Gandhi Johannesburg

Gandhi in Johannesburg

Not many people realise that Mahatma Gandhi lived in South Africa for 21 years. Of this, he spent 10 years in Johannesburg, establishing a successful law practice. His legal work was soon superceded by his political activism in support of Indian rights.

“I learnt during all those years to love Johannesburg, even though it was a mining camp. It was in Johannesburg that I found my most precious friends. It was in Johannesburg that the foundation for the great struggle of Passive Resistance was laid… Johannesburg, therefore had the holiest of all the holy assocation that Mrs Gandhi and I will carry back to India” – Mohandas Gandhi, 1914

During his decade in Joburg, Gandhi walked the city, and moved frequently, living in various different homes. One of these homes, was bought by a French company, and renovated into Satyagraha house – a guesthouse and a museum dedicated to Gandhi’s history in South Africa.

satyagraha house gandhi

Image courtesy Satyagraha House

I was privileged to be invited as a guest of Satyagraha House, where I spent the night and spent time exploring it’s museum and learning about Gandhi’s life in Johannesburg. The house  is located in The Orchards, an area just outside central Joburg.

Satyagraha House

Satyagraha House, originally known as The Kraal due to it’s use of traditional African elements, was built in 1907 by Gandhi’s close friend and confidant, the German architect Hermann Kallenbach. Gandhi and Kallenbach, shared this house in 1908-09. There is a small museum that reflects the time Gandhi spent here, including old photographs of Gandhi and Kallenbach, journals and correspondence.


Gandhi SOuth Africa

The lounge of the main house.

Satyagraha House

The museum explores Gandhis time in Johannesburg


Gandho Johannesburg Satyagraha house

A replica of Gandhis room in the loft of the house


The Guesthouse

The Guesthouse has been carefully restored, in keeping with the original spirit of the house. Renovations were overseen by a team comprising a historian, a curator, an architect, and interior designers. All the decor is minimalist and functional yet modern.


Satyagraha house

Minimalist modern

Satyagraha House bathroom – stone, wood and fresh flowers


I ate dinner and breakfast at the restaurant. Meals are simple yet delicious vegetarian fare, in keeping with Gandhi’s philosophy. Fresh produce is a sourced by the organic vegetable garden on the property. I especially loved the freshly squeezed juices that were served!

Simple and nutritious vegetarian food

Simple and nutritious vegetarian food


Satyagraha House

A place for reflection and meditation

There is definitely a boutique hotel feel to the place. In the spirit of Gandhi there was nothing unneccesary in the rooms. Don’t expect a tv here, though there is wifi so guests are connected.

Satyagraha House is one of the most interesting heritage sites in Johannesburg and a must visit for anyone interested in Gandhi history and his time in  South Africa.


More info

Address: 15 Pine Road, Orchards

Website:   Ph: +27 (0)11 485 5928

Visits to the museum at Satyagraha House are by arrangement. 

For more information on Gandhi in South Africa visit
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