Finding the everyday beauty of Johannesburg
October 18, 2012
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love Joburg

Johannesburg, Egoli, Joburg, Jozi. You are truly an amazing city. There’s just something special about Jozi – it’s vibrant, creative and alive. There’s an energy and vibrancy about the city that was not present 10 years ago.  Its such a shame that Jozi gets a such a bad wrap in the media. Slowly, Johannesburg is gettin rid of its bad image and painful past.

 A few weeks ago I met Christi, a Dutch expat living in and loving Jozi. When I heard that she had started a photo project to capture her love of the city, I immediately wanted to know more.  After checking out her website, Project 011, I knew I had to feature it here.  So here’s a guest post by Clara & Christie, two Dutch girls who’ve set out to capture the everyday beauty of Joburg and share it with the world…


Project 011

A few months ago we, Christi and Clara, two Dutch girls living in Jozi, had a coffee-date in Melville. What at first seemed an ordinary coffee date between two friends, turned out the be a discovery of a shared passion for creating things out of the ordinary.

Living in Johannesburg, surrounded by the everyday beauty of this city, we decided to start capturing these images of little happiness and recognition. This way we oblige ourselves to start looking again, not for the obvious, but for the things that need attention. On June 1st, 2012 we started taking pictures with our phone. For exactly one year we will publish one picture each a day.

Joburg window washer

We created a few rules for ourselves. Each picture has to be taken in the Johannesburg area, being the phone area code 011. Each picture has to be taken in a public place. Each picture has to capture a reality of Johannesburg.

everyday joburg hillbrow

We call this collection of photos Everyday 011. Another reason to start building this collection of photos is to show the world another side of this great city. The (inter)national perception of Johannesburg, mainly created by the media is one of crime, poverty and danger. With this collection of photos we like to show that Jozi will never cease to surprise you in a positive way. It’s the people who live, work and play here that make this city the great city that it is.

 finding the beauty in Johannesburg

Joburg city

It truly is amazing how much fun it is to keep your eyes open for interesting things, people or situations. The people that we photograph love the fact that we aim to show the non-alienated side of Johannesburg. Each picture has a story to tell. May it be an inspiration for everybody, to think positive and see the beauty in the everyday things that we come across.

everyday Joburg

* All images copyright Project 011


Christi Sa is a free-lance photographer of Dutch origin, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She moved to South Africa with her husband in 2006 to study photography professionally.  She features documentary photography and is especially passionate about taking portraits. Her goal is to always try to make images that depict the subject in a natural way.

Together with a friend Clara Sweere, she started http://www.project011.com. With this blog they want to nail down the essence that makes Johannesburg worth living in.

Project 011 is having an exhibition at IT Corner in Melville on October 18, 2012 from 6pm-9pm. Admission is R80 which includes snacks and drinks. For more info check out their Facebook page.


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