Feeling the love
August 9, 2012
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Still recovering after an awesome weekend in Cape Town for the Getaway Travel Blog Conference, but boy am I feeling the love! I left Cape Town exhausted, but incredibly inspired.

I have received so much positive feedback on the blog at the conference. I’m still high on inspiration. If only I had the time to blog all the ideas in my head. I don’t know where to start, but I think this picture sums it up best:

feeling the Mzanis love

after a big night, I still can’t believe I was able to jump!

This pic was taken the morning after the crazy  Getaway Travel Blog Conference (GTBC) after-party. I was crossing the railway tracks in front of the Kalk Bay Harbour, still buzzing on all the positive energy from the conference. I’m still amazed I was able to jump considering how ill I felt at the time.  

I had so much fun at the conference and learnt loads.  But the main reason I was feeling the love, was that my blog got featured in one of the speakers presentations, much to my surprise.  In a talk titled ‘How to make your travel blog awesome‘, South Africa digital marketing guru, Dave Duarte used my MzansGirl blog to make his point. Just too awesome! Here’s the slide:

feeling the love

 The cool thing about the conference was that I was already implementing many of the key points brought up in the talks, thanks to things I learnt on Twitter. The best thing about GTBC were  all the passionate and like-minded people I connected with, from the awesome marketing team at Cape Town Tourism to bloggers whose blogs I’ve been following.  A highlight for me was meeting people that I’ve been in contact with on Twitter for a while. Its true, Twitter is THE most amazing networking tool.

It was fantastic to meet my blogging heroes Nellie Huang (Wild Junket), Keith Jenkins (Velvet Escape), Melvin Boecher (Travel Dudes) and Matt Long (Landlopers). I got some invaluable tips on how to improve my blog  just chatting to them at the after-party.

Feeling the mzansi love

feeling the love with Dave Duarte and Jess Barker at the GTBC afterparty. Photo: Brandon Golding


Thanks to Sarah Duff and the Getaway team for hosting an awesome conference and starting South Africa’s travel blogging movement. I will definitely be back next year!

Coming soon, my learnings from GTBC. Totally feeling the love!

feeling the love

some GTBC love with @mikesharman, @skyegrove,  @antoncrone, @sarahduff, @christiefynn, @william_price , @foodandthefab & @JermaineSAT Photos: Brandon Golding


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There are 6 comments

  • So terrific to meet you in person! What a fun and inspiring weekend. Thanks for sharing your recaps and all of your great Tweets during the event. You’ve got a wonderful thing going with your blog ~ keep it up! Cheers, Bethany

    • mzansigirl says:

      Hi Bethany. Thanks for your support! It was great meeting you too. My offer is still open should you decide to pass through Jozi 🙂

  • Dave D says:

    Great pics and lovely post Meruschka. Now it’s my turn to be honoured to feature in an Mzanzigirl.com post:) Superb to meet you in person at #GTBC and I look forward to seeing your continued awesomeness on the internets!

    • mzansigirl says:

      Thanks so much for the support Dave! Since I met you I seem to use the word ‘awesome’ a lot more than I used to 🙂

  • Bridget says:


    Your blog is pretty Awesome! I am an aspiring travel blogger myself and would have loved to have gone to the GTBC but unfortunately didn’t make it. Thanks for sharing a bit about what it was about.

    Good luck to you!

    • mzansigirl says:

      Hi Bridget! GTBC was great, I learnt heaps and met some truly inspiring people. I highly recommend going next year if you can. Your blog is pretty awesome too! I was also at Oppikoppi just haven’t had time to write anything about it yet. Was thinking about organising some sort of Jozi bloggers meetup sometime. Would you be interested in this?

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