Creating an ‘I want to be there’ video
August 30, 2012
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The importance of visual content in social media has been a hot topic in digital marketing. This is especially true for tourism businesses  where visual content is vital for increased engagement from fans and inspiring sharing and  viral marketing.  Today I came across this  tweet from the Getaway Travel and Tourism Conference.


This made me think of a talk from the GTBC blogging conference by Cape Town photographer Andrew Brauteseth (a.k.a @GuywithCamera), where he shared a short video he made on a trip to Zanzibar. This video by  is a great example of an ‘I want to be there’ video.

“A few months ago we were traveling in Zanzibar. By pure chance one afternoon we hired a dhow and spent the evening parked off the coast, diving into that incredible blue water and drinking Safari beers with some new friends we made on the island. It’s difficult to describe how incredible those few hours were. I’ve done a very loose cut of the footage I took just to try and tell the story.”

– from Guy With Camera blog, video Copyright Andrew Brauteseth

What I like about this video is that its unexpected, it doesn’t use the homogenous imagery of the destination that we’ve become used to.  Instead it focuses on the elements of the experience. I love the way the footage, even though it’s at times blurry and imperfect at times, is cut and edited together to pull the viewer into the scene and tell the story.

The music and sunset vibe gives the viewer a feeling of nostalgia, almost as if one were looking at a home-video of a past holiday.  This is not just another sunset – one of the many sunset’s we’ve become usedIt really makes me want to sail into the sunset on a Zanzibari dhow, right now!

Another inspiring tweet from the conference was about having fun:

So take this as some inspiration for your tourism businesses to go out there, have fun, and create a fun, imperfect and engaging ‘I want to be there’ video!

Do you have a other good examples of  an ‘I want to be there’video? Feel free to share in the comments below.



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