Busy loving life
September 6, 2012
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Blogging is hard work for someone as social as me. Really there aren’t enough hours in the day (or enough caffeine) for me to keep up with my life. There’s just so many fun things going on in Joburg these next few weeks, I can’t seem to find the time to do all I want to do along with my work.

Between Arts Alive FestivalSoweto Wine Festival, Home Movie FactoryFNB Joburg Art Fair, gallery openings and all the other cool live music events happpening since spring has sprung, my diary has been swamped! I’ve also been getting some media invites to events, which is pretty cool, but also means I need a PA to organise my diary (and a driver to get me around between Pretoria and Jozi). Not that I’m complaining… if only blogging was my real job. 🙂

busy loving life

This cool graphic by notSalmon sums up how I feel at the moment – too busy loving life!


I’ve been having fun but its also really tiring. I just hate feeling like I’m missing out, which is why I’ve not been very good at blogging lately (bad excuse, I know!) Just last night I was gallery hopping around Braamfontien. I managed 4 gallery openings in 3 hours. There were a heap of  local artists exhibiting at the opening of  Joburg Fringe. I also checked out two iphoneography exhibitions –  Nadine Huttons I, Joburg at Room, and Dale Yudelman’s Life Under Democracy, at Wits Art Museum. Both very different, but so real and raw.

My brother visited me from Durban last weekend and I took him around a bit. I got a bit upset when he moaned about the lack of live music and cultural activities in Durbs. Granted, Durban is much more chilled out than Jozi or Cape Town but I’m sure there’s still cool stuff going on. Am I wrong? Has it been that long since I’ve lived in Durban that I forgot how chilled out it is there?  I love Durban and miss my family, but being so busy, I don’t have time to miss it too much.

September is a such a great time to be in Joburg. The clivias and cherry blossoms are blooming. The city is undergoing its metamorphisis from brown to green. Braais and picnics are in full swing. The first spring rains hit us last night, settling the dust and ushering in the green. I can’t wait for the jacarandas.

busy loving life

spring clivias

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  • jessy says:

    Hi! I feel the same! I was SO good the week after Travel Bloggers Conference and now I’m just working, socializing and having a good time and not much time taken to blog. Love your stuff about Jo’burg. Should come and hang out a bit..

    • mzansigirl says:

      Its not easy to be disciplined and actually sit down and write about all the awesome stuff I get up to. You should definitely come hang out!

  • Aileen says:

    as usual all i can say is i am jealous… if only all the activity was a bit better distributed throughout this country, youd have more time to blog 🙂

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