Add Hope during World Hunger Month
October 9, 2014
“If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger.”
– Buzz Aldrin, Astronaut


This is not a travel post. It’s much more serious. Malnutrition is associated with more than half of all childhood deaths and the startling stats extend beyond this. Food security is one of the basic needs on Maslows hierarchy of needs, yet, in South Africa 3,3 million children go to bed hungry every night. Luckily for us reading this post,  we have no problem providing for this basic need on a daily basis, but 3,165 million children in South Africa live with household hunger.


KFC add hope


Add Hope is a national feeding initiative by KFC that has been running since 2009.  October is World Hunger Month and KFC’s Add Hope initiative wants you to see hope through the eyes of the children of South Africa.  When you see through the eyes of a child, you see the world differenly, because children always believe that tomorrow will be better.  I often think I see the world like a child does, and I hope I never stop doing so.

With the Add Hope national feeding initiative, KFC is trying to make a difference, R2 at a time. Whenever you order a meal from any KFC, you can add ‘hope’ off the menu for just R2 which goes directly to buying a meal for a hungry child. In addition, each KFC store donates a percentage of its marketing royalty annually to the Add Hope iniative.

Having raised over R210 million over the last 6 years, KFC Add Hope currently feeds over 70 000 children every month, through 90 carefully selected national and community beneficiaries. Next time you’re at a KFC, all it takes is R2 to help kids to reach their dreams and aspirations.

“I have the audacity to believe that people everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for the minds and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.


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  • Eric Cohen says:

    Howzit Mzansi Girl

    I love your blog and i think you are awesome by raising awareness for the hunger month, to show our support, we at Airport shuttle SA would like to contribute as well so all your subscribers need to do is book any shuttle service with us and we will donate 10% of the amount to the HOPE foundation, we will send you proof that we deposited the money directly to their bank account, but please just ask them to inform our customer service consultants that they were referred by Mzansi Girl…Keep up the good work, Ngiyabonga!

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