#Achievemore with Lumia
August 11, 2015

One of my main aims for the next five years is to visit as many of the major festivals Africa has to offer. From film to music and the arts to digital trends, this continent is ready to tell its story and take it to the world. Right now there’s an explosion of cultural sharing happening and out of that comes a plethora of ideas and talent.

Our continent may be rich in minerals, but we’re also rich in ideas, talent and an entrepreneurial spirit to make those ideas come to life. Yes we have our problems, as do so many other nations, but we really are blessed to be living here and be a part of this movement towards achieving more and becoming greater than we already are.


The future is mobile

By nature I’m an observer, a person who notices trends, people and ideas. So in my travels I’ve noticed a very interesting shift. Mobile devices have become our go-to source for everything relating to business and personal communication, news updates and social media. That isn’t new, but what is new is the move towards running your business from nothing other than your device.


There’s no need to pay for a business space anymore. You can schedule your meetings from your device, Skype clients when you’re out of the country, and do all of that from the comforts of a coffee shop. I know of a lot of people who are using the Gautrain more and more these days, because of traffic and traveling time from Pretoria. Let’s be honest, we can think of better things to do than to sit in traffic and be unproductive.


hitchhiking uganda africa

I’m always on the move myself. I attend a lot of events and as you know, I travel a fair amount too. So I was excited to find out that my name had been put forward to work on Lumia’s #AchieveMore campaign. Would you believe me if I told you I was working from the terrace of 54 on Bath hotel right now  writing this blog post? Well proof is in the pudding… or the butter dish 🙂


I’ve been running my business and my blog using the Microsoft Lumia 640 XL phone for a couple of days now. It’s a really functional device and I’ve been pretty impressed by it’s capabilites. I can blog,  listen to music and take cool pics, amongst other things. The Windows OS works really well, and is super easy to use.

I enjoyed expoloring new apps that make my life easier. One of the apps that has been really useful to me is OneNote. Like I mentioned, I am an observer by nature and a lot of the time my content stems from what I’ve seen or who I’ve encountered in any given day.


Working remotely with OneNote

So I’ve pinned the OneNote app to my home screen and whenever I need to jot something down, I just open it up and add in a sentence or two to remind me of that moment, for when I refer to it later. It’s great because a lot of the time a blog post actually comes together in this way and if I’ve taken a video or a picture to accompany it, even better. No nead to type, I just add voice notes – this is especially great for interviews. What I’ve also enjoyed about this is that if my phone is flat or I need to access these notes on the web or on my PC, the app allows me to access it across multiple devices or platforms. It allows me to maximize my time and #AchieveMore.

Ten years ago working remotely was never an option. You needed to be there in person to attend to your business. There’s merit to both sides of course, but this new way of thinking is far more productive. We hustle, we tell stories and we’re here to make our continent the greatest it can possibly be and we’re doing that using devices like the ones from Lumia. Mobile devices hey? The future indeed!

Mix Radio and HERE Maps

I’m really enjoying the offline GPS funcationality of the Lumia. All I have to do is download country maps with HERE maps, and I’m good to go. The maps work well offline without the need for data. This is especially useful for me when I’m travelling, saving me hefty roaming bills.

Lumia #Acheivemore

I’ve just discovered MixRadio app and am loving it. It basically allows me to download playlists, based on my favourite artists/ genres and play them offline, all for free. I can dowload up to 4 playlists at a time (these are small downloads), with each playlist playing for up to 3 hours. The app basically  personalises mixes to suit your tastes. The more I listen, the more personal my listening experience becomes. All this for free, without annoying ads.

Microsoft Lmia 640L

WIN A LUMIA and#AchieveMore!

How are you achieving more?  Leave a comment below, telling me how you can #AchieveMore and how a Microsoft Lumia will get you there.  The best post will win a Lumia 640 or 640XL handset.

  • Please leave your name and email address so we can contact you
  • Competition closes on 20 August 2015.
  • Competition open to South African citizens and residents only… Good luck!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Microsoft Lumia, who offered me the smartphone as a challenge to see if I could use it as my monile office.  As you know all  opinions expressed here are my own and I have full editorial control of all content published on this site. MG

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There are 45 comments

  • Mxolisi Mkhize says:

    I would #AchieveMore by signing up for a gym membership, I become so tired especially when i’m just walking and I normally use a cash elevator which is wrong, I am so concerned about my weight,i’ve gained more kilos and I want to make a change. I spoke to my friends , best friends actually and showed me that it is very to take care of my body,exercising, I am currently telling my friends about a 4 week challenge, where I will also encourage them to stay healthy, eat veges,drink water fruits and go to the gym, I am trying by all my means to go to the gym always at 4:30 pm to 6:00pm. At the morning I am currently jogging before I start my day, I do this to stay healthy and I am also aproaching different people who will assist me on my journey ,to stay fit, on weekends I go and jog near the beach where I also meet different people who are jogging to inspire me, a lumia will help me in taking photos which will remain as mementos after this hard work, I believe I can achieve more, I want to show people that they can also do it, at the end I would like to participate in a competition where I will be an athlete on October, a race which usually takes place on campus and get a position 1, in that way I would be able to achieve more in my body and be able to represent my campus on USSA Champs

  • Hey Meruschka!

    That sounds like an amazing way to work while you travel. To #AchieveMore while I travel I am working on packing light (always a challenge) and building a travel capsule wardrobe. I also use my camera phone to snap loads of pics to write about later and to remind me of everything I see – the stimulus is so amazing you think you’ll remember everything in detail, but you don’t unless you take a photo! I’ve recently started using OneNote and I love it as a note-taking and recording app. I have different notebooks for the blog, business, feature writing etc. Also, I try to #AchieveMore while travelling by balancing lots of research and lots of exploring with time to travel slowly and explore things that aren’t in the books, blogs or even on the maps. For me, slow travelling (and recording what I see and experience!) is the true key to #AchieveMore on my travels. Enjoy your next trip! (Sarah Laurence;

    • Meruschka Govender says:

      Hi Sarah! Thanks for entering. Great to hear that you’re loving OneNote too! Any other apps you can recommend for travellers?

  • Roxanne Grove (@nitrosys) says:

    I would #AchieveMore by being able to buy gadgets to sync with a lumia as well as get apps to make my life easier. Being a windows user I would be very comfortable with the interface and I know I will forever be a Lumia fanatic as my husband is one as well! Also my son wouls benefit by me being able to put his movies on for him to watch when we are travelling.

    • Meruschka Govender says:

      Hi Roxanne. Thanks for entering. The big screen of the Lumia XL is great for watching movies. Good luck!

  • janine says:

    Im a nature and animal lover. At this point in my life I find myself attending every march and protest for animals.Id love to start a blog about my efforts to attain better treatment for all our animals. Having a Lumia 640 or 640XL would definately allow me to #AchieveMore on the go. Itd make a huge difference to my efforts.

  • Megan says:

    As a designer, inspiration can come from anywhere and at anytime, so not only will the Microsoft Lumia help me to capture inspiration on the go, but i will be able to send ideas to clients and share my ideas via social media. This allows me to #Achievemore brand awareness, #Achievemore immediate communication with clients so that my designs stay current and are not forgotten as I can also take notes as I go.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win this amazing prize!

  • Leanie says:

    I must say that i would love to have such a phone that can do so much more! Especially the One Note App that you were mentioning it will make my life as a blogger in beauty and my other job so much easier when i have to take photos and i can record interviews etc. The pictures that are taken with this camera are so much more clear than any other mobile that i’ve worked with.

  • Gail Japtha says:

    I could achieve more by using the lumia to do my assignmen #AchieveMore

  • Victoria Ngwenya says:

    I also travel quite a lot myself. I am a business consultant so I am always on the go visiting different businesses. I can #achievemore with the Lumia by being able to take notes of my conversations with the clients and record voice notes too. The offline map would also be of great help because often I am in areas where the reception is really bad so I struggle to find the places I’m going to. And of course the MixRadio App to make the journeys feel a little less longer.

    • Meruschka Govender says:

      Hi Victoria. Thanks for entering. The offline maps are amazing and I’m so into MixRadio since I used it on my last road trip!

  • The mobile office thing is a total wonder. I find myself using my laptop less and less. Ease of use, mobility (and maybe slight addiction) are always keeping me logged in and busy. I really enjoy updating my website and blog, and a Lumia device seems like the perfect fit for me to #AchieveMore. I’m always taking notes, pics and voice recordings, surfing the net and listening to music. This will be such a handy tool as my current device is on the brink of collapse, plus I’ve always been a Windows kind of guy. Soon I’ll be exploring more apps and more of the world and what an awesome way to share it with everyone else than with a super, fantastic out of this world Lumia 🙂

    • Meruschka Govender says:

      Hi Cale. Thanks for entereing. The cool thing abou thte Lumia is how well is syncs with a PC. Good luck!

  • Mo says:

    #AchieveMore to me is all about giving more of myself to meaningful projects. For e.g. I offer my time and help in whatever way to possible to a home in Alex, whether its just going to have a cup of tea with the wonderful lady who runs it or drive someone to the shops to get groceries. This helps me #AchieveMore by allowing me to appreciate so many things in so many ways as well as growing me as an individual. I draw strength from the wonderful kids who’ve been through such trying circumstances in their young lives, but still have smiles on their faces. The Lumia looks amazing and would be a wonderful tool to help me capture the gorgeous smiles of the kids, manage ideas and commitments with the OneNote but also MAPS! I always get lost and having maps that can be used offline will be a godsend. Lastly there is a sweet toddler with down syndrome at the home, and he loves nothing better than jiving to music, I think the Mix Radio app will make me very popular with that lil man 😉

    • Meruschka Govender says:

      Hi Mo. Thanks for entering. I agree, the offline maps are a godsend. Great to hear about your work at the home in Alex.

  • I love the simplicity of the Nokia Lumia range currently owning a 520 from which a actively blog, use Social media, schedule meetings and work (microjobbing for the win!!!) I would love to #achievemore with the Nokia Lumia 630 X and amplify my life by doing more right from the palm of my hand… Literally ?

  • Lebohang Mofokeng says:

    My goal is to run at least one major marathon in the next year ,and though I’ve been doing my runs, I know they’re not enough to help me achieve my goal. Why do I say that – is because I’m not consistent with my running, all because my phone (Nokia E5) doesnt & cannot have a fitness app & besides that my battery always dies while at it :- which means no music & no stop watch(to track my length of running).

    The Microsoft Lumia will help me #AchieveMore with it’s preloaded applications e.g weather app, mix radio app & maps as this for me, for my running are one of the most needed things. I can listen to mixes offline, check the weather forecast before my runs and if I get lost(erhm, maybe not) I can find my way around. Plus I heard that the battery life of this device is powerful, which is the greatest news ever(but then again we all know that Nokia batteries are by far the strongest), so yeah, the Microsoft Lumia will really help me #AchieveMore

  • Whoops!!!! Typo ? Nokia Lumia 640 XL…. Would love to #win this so I can #achievemore

  • Jess says:

    Hi. Awesome competition. I am an events assistant. I am always on the run for my boss & I try to keep everything I need to do in a diary. Would be nice to have my phone reminding me of what needs to be done. I am always rushing around and need my own assistant! The Microsoft Lumia will help me get through my daily tasks and keep me on track allowing me to work smart and get everything I need done without struggling on pieces of paper and losing track of things. I need this so badly.

  • Conrad Stoltz says:

    I achieve more by doing more things at times it would previously not be possible. With modern tech it’s possible to do anything business related anytime, anywhere. By saving time I create more time to invest in personal goals, achieving much more than I would have a couple of years ago. I love living in these days !

  • Nthabiseng Busa says:

    In this technology advance world I will AchieveMore if I just leave a voice note text rather than typing

  • Nthabiseng says:

    I could AchieveMore if can use Nokia Lumia just for leaving voice notes rather than typing text to save time

  • Lelanie Jones says:

    I am a secretary so im always arranging everyone’s lives for them. I need something like this.. this stunning phone to assist me in co-ordinating my life. With a busy schedule and hectic home life with two daughters, always out and about on netbal/hockey games, i think this one will help exactly where its needed.

  • Kgabo Lekalakala says:

    #AchieveMore love to social and i cant leave without a mordern phone like this

  • Mckayla says:

    I love taking picture im sure this baby will do a great job @ taking some pics

  • chandre says:

    Hi I’m 26 years of age and I’m currently a full time student. Actually, I’ve been a student my whole life. I studied media a few years ago but was unable to find a job. I then decided to study teaching which was tough but I made it (well almost). In a few months time I’ll be graduating with a degree in education. The last few years I always felt like a failure even though I was studying. It was tough being a grown woman with not a cent in your pocket. I looked at women younger than me that had so much more going on and often thought that I was doing something wrong. I was this close to dropping out but thankfully I did not. Everything seems to be falling into place now which makes me want to #AchieveMore 🙂 I just married the love of my life, got my learners licence, I’m a few months away from graduating and next month I’ll be making my first overseas trip.I’m currently working on starting my own blog that will motivate and inspire young people to do more. This phone will help me in making my future blog a success. It will also help me stay organized as I start my career as an educator. This is only the beginning as I will only strive to #AchieveMore

  • Tshepiso Mokoka says:

    I work in a stressful environment where I deal with patients and rendering them a good quality service is a priority, I’d #AchieveMore with the Microsoft Lumia course it’ll make my work flexible using the OneNote app to write down patients’ flie numbers so that when retrieving and issuing them to their rightful owners is easy & fast to avoid long queues making time for every one to be served also maintaining a good standard of patient confidentiality.

  • Buti Rammekwa says:

    I am fascinated by photography and interested in current affairs. So I strive to #AchieveMore by familiarising myself with photography by following different media platforms and being up to date with current affairs through different news outlets – regardless of whether I am at work, home or on the go. Also by having a variety of productive apps and services for day-by-day engagements.

    So I desire a device with greater flexibility since I may never know when a great idea may arise. Lumia will help me #AchieveMore since it offers seamless integration of Microsoft services namely; mobile Office experience which make easy to quickly edit Word documents, OneDrive which helps to backup and access documents and photos, sharing special moments using Skipe and being up-to-date with important information using Glance Screen – for work, at home and on the go. Also to snap stunning photographs with high quality cameras. I’ll have power to #AchieveMore thanks to a long-lasting battery.

  • I could #AchieveMore by using the Microsoft Lumia for my wedding planning. As a web developer, I know that the Microsoft Lumia will be the most productive phone and ecosystem on the market. I love great designed phones and the attention to detail Microsoft has done to these devices.

    Wedding planning is a demanding endeavour, and with the Windows UI Design you can be sure your Lumia will be popping up with productive live tiles. Hooray! These live tiles are important to keep you up to date with news, wedding trends and communication to your guests without you working too hard on navigating the phone and wasting time. Furthermore, I won’t miss valuable communication with the Lumia Glance Screen that allows me to see notifications, time and date while the phone is locked. #Productivity overloaded.

    So how exactly can I #AchieveMore using a Microsoft Lumia phone. By using Microsoft services of course. With a digital assistance named ‘Cortana’, you can bet she will be part of the wedding planning. You can tell Cortana to add reminders, add entries to your calendar or even calculate pricing of items. Once you get the hang of Cortana to assist you, you can make notes in OneNote. With OneNote you can plot down questions of ideal venue, draw your ideal placing of guest seats and add a to do list of things that need to be completed.

    Once I have my ideas in order, I will take advantage of the 30 Gig OneDrive storage given to me. Let us be honest, how would I keep track of guests and save documentation of venue and food pricing? With OneDrive, I can save all these important information in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word documents. I am not worried that the Microsoft Lumia phone will let me down at any point using Microsoft services. With superb record of state-of-the-art device encryption, super safe network connectivity and an app store you can trust, you can ensure you are in safe hands. I can then #AchieveMore without worrying myself silly.

    On the wedding day, I can let a friend capture the moments with awesome Microsoft Lumia Camera. The quality of camera is one of the best on the market, and with 30 Gig of OneDrive storage, I can keep these moments treasurable and forever!

    To conclude, I can #AchieveMore by using a Microsoft Lumia Phone!

  • Sara Eubia says:

    I have a really hot mess life right now (minus the hot part). I could #AchieveMore with the Lumia by organizing my entire life on the phone, I’m a working student, part of the SRC and have hobbies (that I’m hoping to sync into my future career) so I travel a lot more than I thought i would and need to take notes every chance I get when fellow slam poets perform for inspiration. The maps app will be a life saver because I sucked in geography back in high school, and I still suck in geography now.

    Who needs personal assistants for every complication in life when you can just use Lumia to achieve more?!

    Holding thumbs! 🙂

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