Cruising Kaya FM style – Its all about the music!
January 29, 2014

Take best of Mzansi music, add kick-ass Kaya FM DJs, and put them on one big boat in the middle of the Indian Ocean and you have one dope party.  

Ok, so the MSC Opera is more than a boat. It’s a massive cruise liner that can take up to 1712  passengers and is home to over 700 crew. It spends our spring and summer cruising along the Southern African coastline to exotic African destinations such as Mozambique, Mauritius, Madagascar, Reunion and Namibia.

When Kaya FM invited me to their Soul & Jazz Cruise in December I was more than excited. This was the second year that Kaya FM was hosting a themed cruise, and it was sold out months ahead.  To be honest, I’ve never thought of myself as a cruise traveller. I’d always thought that cruises were for families and retirees. Organised holidays are generally not my thing. I couldn’t imagine myself taking part in planned activities or just lazing by the pool all day.


Deck party on board the MSC Opera

When I was 13 my grandparents took my brothers and I on a cruise from Durban. I had fond memories of playing Bingo, swimming all day, latin dance classes and mountains of food and not so fond memories of my little brother getting seasick.  A highlight for 13 year old me was our handsome young Italian waiter, who had a huge crush on me and even told my grandad he wanted to marry me!!  First marriage proposals aside, I just never imagined a cruise was something that I would do as an adult.

The Kaya Cruise changed all my misconceptions about cruises. The best thing about being on a party cruise is that everyone is in the mood for a party! And the Kaya FM crew sure know how to throw a rocking party.  Three nights of fantastic Mzansi music, fun people and all around good vibes.

10 reasons why the Kaya FM Cruise rocked

 1. Music Music Music

Kudos to Kaya FM for choosing such a diverse and entertaining line-up. From Afro-pop to jazz, house and old school beats – there was something for everyone. It was almost like a mini-festival with Mafikizolo, Zakes Bantwini, Jimmy DluDlu and Black Motion heading the programme and supported by the awesome Kaya FM DJs, all in an intimate setting. A recipe for a bash of epic proportions.

Besides Black Motion, I had seen all the other musicians play live before. Nonetheless, they all exceeded my expectations. Mafikizolo were pure class. I loved their new pan African sound their Afro-glam look, and the fact that I could sing along to most of their songs.

Jimmy dludlu

Jimmy Dludlu, for a jazz man he sure knows how to rock a crowd


The MSC Opera’s regal amphitheatre was  the perfect setting for a jazz performance. No matter how many times I see  Jimmy Dludlu play live, he never ceases to impress. By the end of his set fans were dancing on stage, and refused to let him leave.


Black Motion

Electric house duo Black Motion. Too much love for these guys!


Black Motion were a revelation to me – a fine mix of house beats and mesmerising percussion, I could watch them play for hours on end. These guys know how to entertain a crowd and get them dancing. Their live drumming and DJing were too awesome – definitely an act you have to experience live to truly appreciate. I could so see them headlining a beach party in Ibiza in the near future. They were so dynamic and energetic, at one point they were dancing on the DJ tables!


Zakes Bantwini

Zakes Bantwini has such stage presence I feared the stage was a bit small for him


Zakes Bantwini was the boss. An entertainer of note, he owned the stage and the crowd with his soulful house beats and electric performance. The morning after I was still singing along to Karolina in my head.  Besides his star quality, he’s such a humble guy – he made way for me at the bar when I went to get a drink and was just so sweet. Big respect.

2. Dance, dance, dance…. dance some more

The epic music line-up lead to lots of dancing – dancing on deck, dancing in the pool, dancing on stage, dancing in the rain. The Kaya cruisers were not going to let anything stop them from having a good party.

Our my first night I chose to party on the deck with Afro-pop legends, Mafikizolo who played a great mix of their old hits –  as well as their more recent housey beats. Everyone was dancing and singing along. Towards the end of the night the rain started coming down, but that didn’t stop people dancing on the open deck. We danced in the warm rain as the ship bobbed about the ocean. Epic.

Deck dance party.

Deck dance party.

3. Super fun people

The people maketh the cruise.  If you go on a themed cruise, make sure you pick the right one. The great thing about the Kaya FM Soul and Jazz Cruise was that the people who were on it were just like me –  music loving, soul loving Afropolitans  who love a good  party. No teeny boppers either, most of the crowd was more mature, had worked heard all year, and were ready for a holiday.

I made friends with the coolest peeps, from TV celebrities to journos and young professionals.  The crowd was diverse and I had many an interesting late night conversation. There were also lots of families on board. This is a party cruise you can bring your parents on – I know my Dad would have loved it!  Since I was just travelling with my friend, we were teemed up with a group of fun peeps at our dinner table, one of which was Channel O VJ, SK Khosa, who provided us with our own private dinner entertainment.  Fun times with fun peeps!

New friends

Laughs with new friends.

4. Entertainment

Besides the Kaya FM programme, there was a heap on board entertainment to keep adults and kids entertained.  From poolside bingo, to movies, dance classes and karaoke, there was a fresh entertainment programme daily. I was impressed by the range and scope of entertainment of offer. With a casino, duty free shops and choice of 7 bars and lounges guests on the MSC Opera were spoilt for choice. I didn’t even manage to see the half of it – apparently  there was also a gym, library and mini-golf!

Kaya FM Soul and Jazz Cruise 2013

Hot tub anyone?

5. Chill time

In between the dancing and music,  I spent downtime in my lovely cabin, which was not as small as I remember from my first cruise experience. The rocking of the boat lulled me to sleep, and there was even a tv and a mini-bar (dangerous!). If you ever are on a cruise ship, its worth it spending a little extra for a balcony cabin. Looking out onto the mass of blue ocean was calming, my cruise-buddy and I had fun trying to spot whales from our balcony. We eventually spotted one too 🙂

After a hectic two nights of partying I decided that I was in need of  a little self-indulgence. Off to the spa it was for a relaxing Balinese massage. My masseuse was from Bali, so it was the real deal – an authentic Balinese massage off the African coast, with views over the open ocean.  I was soon fast asleep on the massage bed! After a rejuvenating post-massage nap, I was ready to hit the deck again for the last party night!

MSC opera spa

Serenity… spa over the sea.

6. Food nom nom

Oh my god the food! There was just much of it, you had to pace yourself. The all-inclusive nature of cruise packages means that there is a high probability of over indulgence. Huge breakfasts, massive buffet lunches and 3 course formal a la carte dinners with a choice of options. Considering the ship’s kitchens cater for such a mass of people, the food was really good.

Since the ship is Italian owned, there was definitely an Italian bias to the menu, not that I minded – I love fresh Italian bread and a good pasta. I was particularly impressed that they had  a curry option on the dinner menu every night and damn good curries they were – well spiced and served with yummy Indian breads! For the party people there was even a pizza bar and burger bar on the pool deck that was open until 2am.


Kaya FM Soul and Jazz Cruise 2013

Asparagus wrapped in prociutto. Nom nom


7. Kaya FM DJS

Big respect for the Kaya FM DJs who kept the music going on deck most of the day and till the early hours of the morning. From old school soul beats to classic Afro pop, the Kaya DJs were on a roll. We were treated to live sets from DJ’s T-Bose, Mo_G, Nonn Botha, George Biza, EdSoul and Fang Da Rhythm.  I love that I knew most of the music they played and it was all very danceable.   I even got to meet and chat to the MD of Kaya FM, Greg Maloka who shared his vision for the station – I could have chatted to him for hours.

DJ on deck

DJ T-Bose on Deck

8. Laughs

And then there were the laughs… Besides the music, the Kaya FM  entertainment programme included comedy young up and coming comic Skhumba.  Though I must admit, his style of comedy wasn’t really my cup of tea, he certainly seemed to have the rest of the crowd in stitches.

9. Service

From the waiters and bar-staff  to our cleaning lady and the good looking officers the service on board the MSC Opera was unparalleled. I think this deserves a blog post of its own (coming soon). Our Italian head waiter, Marcello made us laugh every night – he really seemed straight out of Fawlty Towers!

Marcello, the funniest waiter ever

Marcello, the funniest waiter ever


Friendly fun bar staff

Friendly fun bar staff

10. Staff

The staff on board the cruise, might as well have been a mini United Nations. I chatted with officers from Italy, waiters from South Africa, barmen from India, cleaners from the Philippines and housekeepers from Indonesia. Not only were they all super friendly, they were all willing to chat to you and ell you their story. It also doesn’t hurt that a lot of the staff are easy on the eye…


Kaya FM Soul and Jazz Cruise 2013

Hanging out with hot officers.Too much eye candy.


My only gripe about the cruise is that we didn’t get to do the day trip to Portuguese Island due to the weather conditions. Of course, this was no fault of the organisers, but it would have been great to get out the boat and spend the day at the beach.  At least I got to sleep in, recover from my hangover and get a massage instead.

Now I know why the Kaya FM Soul and Jazz Cruise has become so legendary. Good music, good peeps, and all round awesomeness. After 3 nights of partying I needed a few days of chill time in Durban to recover.

I rocked that boat and I’d do it all over again if I could.


by Pjotr Mahhonin (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

MSC Opera – Image by Pjotr Mahhonin

Disclosure: My trip on the Soul and Jazz Cruise was sponsored by Kaya FM and  MSC Cruises. MzansiGirl maintains full editorial control of the content published on this site.



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